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You can ask Google about your contacts’ information on the desktop


As Google continually works to bridge the gap between mobile and desktop computing, end users like you and me keep on benefiting. We’ve already shown you how to set alarms on your phone using Google search, how to use Google search to find your phone, and even how to add reminders to Google Now from Google search.

Did you know you can also ask Google about any of your Google contacts that you have saved?

Just type in, “What is Rick’s telephone number?” Or “What is Nicole’s email address?” A contact card will appear with the information you requested, at the very top of your search results, with a reminder that “[o]nly you can see these results.”

Pair this with Google Chrome’s “OK Google” hotword detection, which can be enabled on Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS, and you’ve got a good combination that’s almost as useful as Google Now on your Android device.

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