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Google Hangouts now allows quick reply from status bar if you can get the notification

Google Hangouts January UpdateGoogle Hangouts was updated a couple of days ago, and one of the things that came with it was the ability to quickly respond to a text message from the status bar pulldown.

I got to use it once yesterday and thought that this is the way every chat/messaging app needed to go.

Unfortunately Hangouts has done nothing to fix the problems that make it unusable for me still, and text messages just simply don’t show up, or in today’s case don’t show up for random amounts of time.

Today’s 10-minute delay in my phone getting a text message while my non-phone devices got it (showed up fine desktop, a tablet I have, etc) make me realize why nobody texts me for quick answers any more.

The quick reply window is good for shorter responses, but anything over about 50 characters and the text will start scrolling off to the side. Fortunately there’s a pop-out window option.

This pop out option will carry over any text you entered into the small window so there’s no worries about losing anything.

Google Hangouts January UpdateIt’s become closer to a dream product, but the default messaging client actually gets messages when they’re sent on my One M9, and for reasons I can’t figure out Hangouts just doesn’t send MMSs to all my recipients in the same fashion.

If I try to send an MMS to my wife, I get a message back from Sprint claiming the country code is incorrect or not enabled. I do the exact same thing in the stock messaging client, works fine.

Same contact, same phone number. I’ve edited her contact info multiple times to see if changing the account up would do anything. Nope.

About six people I talk to frequently have the MMS country code issue, have for quite a while now.

If you have a Nexus, these problems with Hangouts are probably foreign to you.

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