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HTC 10 specs (and evidently phone) are out and it’s impressive

HTC 10It appears (going by HTC’s order page,) that for unlocked, AT&T and T-Mobile the HTC 10 is available for order and in stock with CDMA variants “coming soon”.

No unlocked CDMA variants though. So screw you carrier-surfing hippie.

The specs I’ve been interested in finding out about involved whether the thing would support USB-C and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, and according to the specs page yes, yes it does.

Our beloved fat pixels from the M8 are back, but this time in force providing 12mp camera action. A lot of HTC programs are going away also according to an ARS Technica review. Also lasers… we have lasers for focusing our death rays… cameras… quick laser focusing of cameras (also easier detection in movie theaters).

5mp front(selfie) camera, Optical image stabilization, and a lot of other stuff to please the narcissist in you.

The battery comes in at 3000mAh and includes a power saver app that forces games into a slightly lower resolution and fools with the cache. However you can disable or not enable it it appears.

If you’re not familiar with programs that clear the cache – the cache is a collection of frequently used items. Let’s say you’ve gotten everything you need out to make some pancakes. Now to clear up clutter and make the room look emptier in case another program wants to come in, let’s just pull all that stuff away from you and make you go back to get it.

So probably going to not see any performance improvement from that.

Looks like they’re claiming a two day battery life on 3000mA but unless they’re using a third the power my M9 is using I’ll blow through that in a day. Still, with QQC3 charging you’ll have 1500mA in half an hour.

Boomsound is back and better than before from everything I’ve heard other people have heard.

Battery is still not user manageable, and the all metal case and lack of mention of wireless charging means you’ll still need an aftermarket setup if you want wireless.

Android 6, 64-bit quad core up to 2.2GHz.

Fingerprint sensor.

32/64 gig options with up to 2tb of expanded storage MicroSD space (200gig seems to be the max on the market at the moment, although you can find many scam sites listing 2tb options).

I read somewhere that the DSP is 24-bit, awesome, and can push a watt of sound, but that’s not listed on the specs page. Take that with a grain of sea salt.

Hrmm, seems HTC is at least on par with everyone else this go-round, only losing out to an LG phone for resolution.

Unfortunately for HTC, the HTC 10 seems (on paper,) just slightly better than everything else on the market, lacks wireless charging, and has a price point of $699, or about $50 more than the Galaxy S7.

CNET has a good side by side comparison of the HTC 10, Galaxy S7, LG G5, and iPhone 6s. It appears if I’m reading this right (coffee not working today) that the winners are (in comparison to the 10):

Largest screen size: LG G5 by .1 inch (HTC 10 2nd)
Pixel density: Galaxy S7 by 12 ppi (HTC 10 2nd)
Camera: G5 (HTC 10, G7, and iPhone are tied)
FFC: G5 (all others tied at 5mp)
Processor: HTC 10 by 0.05GHz
Storage (internal) : iPhone (followed by HTC 10, S7)
RAM: All Androids at 4gb
Expandable Storage: HTC 10
Battery: HTC 10, S7 tied for capacity, G5 wins for swappabiliy
Connector: HTC 10/G5 (C is the best, why? because I met the creator that’s why)

So I’m sitting here thinking huh… looks like they got most of it closer to right. Lack of kickstand, removable battery, and “EVO” name are my only real gripes. With QQC3 charging and a big enough battery wireless charging really doesn’t factor in as much though.

Personal opinion – HTC 10 is just slightly better on paper, but slightly better doesn’t win the game. I have a feeling the camera is going to be the winner, but people are going to feel slightly underwhelmed.

That said, I’d probably get it if I had the money

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