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Sprint HTC 10 available for order now

Sprint HTC 10On Sprint’s website they’ve got a 32 gig Glacier Silver $624 HTC 10 for $624 as a one time payment or for $21 a month at $21 monthly which is a $120 savings off of the price bringing it down to $504 total.

The $504 price tag requires either a two-year contract or being eligible for an upgrade and agreeing to pay $21 for 24 months as a “well qualified customer”.

On 24 month contract the HTC 10 is $199 with a mail in rebate.

If you’re building credit Sprint requires a $150 deposit and then $14.75 monthly which also comes out to $504. Evidently Sprint doesn’t feel like screwing with people who don’t have insane credit just to make a buck.

The HTC 10 also should be in Sprint stores today although whether they’ll be able to help you or have been screwed over by the web promo I don’t know (nothing opens here for the next half hour).

All that said, you’re stuck with one color, the lower of the internal memory sizes (which doesn’t matter to me since they still support SD cards,) and you’re on Sprint. Surprisingly Sprint has succeeded in not making me want to tear down their towers for the past couple of months. Not sure if Stockholm Syndrome or they’re actually becoming a better worst network.

On a side note, HTC stock has dropped 46% since March 14th and had an 8% drop since trading opened. If you’re into picking up stock you might want to get it while it’s cheap, unless the HTC 10 turns out to be a flaming pile of poo.

Oh, for the root crowd, the device has already been S-OFFed by Sunshine for Verizon and Sprint, and there’s a build of TWRP for it, although I can’t guarantee that its for the HTC 10 on Sprint or VZW. Looks like there’s a lot of interest in this phone for modding purposes also.

Also the audio is evidently much better.

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