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Pacman Ninja Ghost from PixabayDuring the past sevenish weeks I’ve been pretty freaking ill and running with about half my brain tied behind my back (going to an asthma/sinus/allergy doc today, hopefully will get this damned lung funk resolved). Anyway. during these times I’ve run across a few questions I can’t find reliable answers on and my Google Fu is exceptionally weak.

So, should you feel like assisting me, would be much appreciated

Is there any root method to get MSL on the HTC 10?

Methods like MSL reader and reading the logcat apparently do not work any more. I’ll check back with Sprint later on, but would be nice to know.

Any reputable SIM unlock services?

I’m heading to a place next month where Sprint simply doesn’t work for anything other than voice. I’ll have access to another network’s SIMs, but evidently in-country SIM unlocking is not something I’m going to be able to get on a newly purchased phone.

Are there any band differences in the HTC 10 phones?

The previous Sprint and Verizon phones had different bands supported than the GSM models. Might make a difference in whether I do the above two or just grab a phone from a friend.

Getting SD card unexpectedly dismounted – dying card?

About once every two days I get a warning that the SD card was unexpectedly dismounted. This usually happens at night when it’s being written to by Titanium Backup. This happened before the 10 was rooted. Did not happen that I remember on my HTC One M9.

Hangouts MMS issues

When I send an MMS to my wife, I get a message from Sprint that the country code is not enabled. If she sends me an MMS I get a different chat session with her and the label MMS. I can send pictures from there.

I can find no way to initiate an SMS to her. I can however send MMS correctly to other people. Just a few people, notably my wife, I can’t initiate an MMS.

Anyone know what the cheapest possible shipping on a charger would be?

Long story short, I arranged a contest (will start tomorrow,) due to my being sick as a dog rather than our normal way of either getting codes or having the manufacturer ship them, I’ve now got a lot of prizes sitting at my house that I’ve agreed to give away, CG payment doesn’t appear to be incoming, and I want to honor my sickly brainless agreement.

Never attempt to broker a contest deal with a 102 fever.

Bluetooth issues

Imagine if you will someone plays a soothing river sound to knock a baby out. The sound is being played from a device (M9 or Nexus 9) 10 feet direct line of site from the receiving speaker (Jabra Solemate Max) on one floor, and on another floor 15 feet from an EVO 3D through a wall to a lamp speaker (forgot what it’s called). Basically at night I have white noise running for the kids.

Now imagine that without me being in the way if I get within 10 feet of either device the audio will stop and then resume about five seconds later. I’m dealing with this now and can’t figure out what’s going on.

This is with any Bluetooth audio device. I feel like I’ve become a white noise jammer.

USB-C to MicroUSB?

I have some USB OTG devices I’d like to use with the HTC 10. One of these is that FLIR camera I reviewed a while back. I can still use it with my older devices, but it would be seriously nice to know if there was a USB-C to MicroUSB USB OTG solution or something that would convert from a MicroUSB power cable to a USB-C connection.

Seriously, I have so many MicroUSB devices it’s unreal.

Anyway, that’s about it for the questions – I’m off to the doc to hopefully figure out why my lungs hate me so every May and mid-December. Feel free to make fun of my lack of Google-Fu.

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