RingPlus Free Plan ($38.50 one time for overages) 7-9pm PST

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Exciting news for an inexpensive SIM Kit! Use as a backup, in an area with *better* Sprint Coverage, roaming, prevent overages on your main account, etc etc.

After an (intended to be private) free-for-all overwhelmed their system last week RingPlus is back with the same deal for everyone, with one little hitch; it grows over 5mo!

Today, August 18, 2016, RingPlus+ will run a flash promo from 7pm-9pm Pacific Standard Time.

After five months you will have access to a total of the original Club Sandwich Free Plan offered Last Week to Club members only, but the codes leaked: 6,000 minutes, 6,000 MMS, and 6,000 MB (full-speed 4G LTE data) Free/Month. To get to this plan, you need to subscribe to the “BLT Free Plan.


Here are the details:

1) The first month of the BLT Free Plan you will have: 4,750 talk, text&MMS, and MB (full-speed 4G LTE data). Free/month

2) Over the next five months, RingPlus will add an additional 250 talk, text&MMS, and MB (full-speed 4G LTE data) to the BLT Plan every month.

3) After the five months, you will have: 6,000 talk minutes, 6,000 text&MMS, and 6,000 MB (full-speed 4G LTE data) Free/month going forward.

For New Activations: You will need to do a one-time $38 “Top Up” to cover any overages in the future. If, and only if, that balance reaches $0, another $38 auto-“Top Up” will be automatically charged to your credit card on file.

Overages: $0.05 per talk, text MMS & $15 per GB

Tethering is available for $1.99 per month.

You can check if your phone is compatible at Check if your phone is eligible in the RingPlus Check Tool at IPhones from 5C-6S are supported as well as many Google Nexus Phones, you can check your IMEI or ESN with the tool linked above.

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