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Innergie MagiCable USB-C Connector to Micro USB review

Innergie MagiCable USB-C Connector to Micro USB reviewIf ever there was a product ahead of its time it’s got to be the Innergie MagiCable USB-C Connector to Micro USB, and unfortunately that may be a bad thing for the company as I’d say it’s a good year or so before people will start hunting this adapter out.

The idea is pretty simple – take a USB-C power/data source and translate it into the older Micro USB format, which is also known as the current Android standard. As a cable that does that this works fine.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a Micro USB phone to test this on (specifically to test whether Qualcomm Quick Charge goes over it correctly,) but it claims it does data transfers as well on the product page.

The USB C connector side you can see some embedded tech in it which I imagine goes along with the smart device detection claim.

At the moment it is my belief that the world is filled with Micro USB devices and that getting a cable for one should be a $2 prospect. As we move forward and the old Micro USB format fades away and USB-C is the standard on both sides of the cable, I see this being extremely useful for all the retro (current,) devices we own.

Innergie MagiCable USB-C Connector to Micro USB reviewInnergie MagiCable USB-C Connector to Micro USB review

But at the moment the price is more than a three pack of Micro USB cables and a wall charger, and the cable is something you’ll need to keep up with, so the question becomes is it worth it to you to pay about $10 for a 7.8″ cable?

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I’m sure the price will drop in the future, but for now it seems like the price point removes any incentive to save a little space over just buying a charger and cable. Next year, maybe not.

Good idea and implementation, but the time isn’t nigh for this product.


I think dropping the price a bit and a few more months and we’re going to see a real desire for products like these.

You can grab the Innergie MagiCable USB-C Connector to Micro USB at Amazon for about ten bucks.

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