Cyber Monday deals

It looks like all of the deals we announced on Friday have held for Cyber monday(although the lexar microSD is now even lower at 69.95) and we have a slew of things to add as well
71ydtydfxnl-_sl1500_Just like it’s smaller siblings from Friday the S2817Qr has a mouthfull of a name but is an exellent value propisition at 299.99 Although it’s not an IPS panel like fridas deals this is a 4K display with a wider variety of inputs. Anyone looking for an entry level 4k display will be more than happy it’s it’s performance.




71se2lk4y5l-_sl1500_The Moto Z is available unlocked at 499.99 on amazon an impressive deal for an unlocked phone of it’s caliber, we reviewed the thicker Z play here and were generally impressed.




41sfji6yqtlMonitors seem to be the theme for dell just this holiday, for gaming aficionados dell has a 24″ Gsync panel for 359.99, This is an LED backlit TN panel but boasts a QHD resolution as well as a variable refresh rate using nvidia’s Gsync technology, a great value add for those using team greens video cards.




books-922321_960_720Although we love technology some of us have a soft spot for physical books, Amazon has a $10 off a 25 dollar purchase using the code HOLIDAYBOOK





And finally as with Friday amazon has simply too many deals to list with a constantly shifting list of deep discounts.

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