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Lumsing Smart Scale review

Lumsing Smart ScaleI purchased the Lumsing Smart Scale back in October as a replacement for my less than smart but pretty accurate 10 year old scale that was looking like something out of a horror show. My requirements were that it be accurate, I could have the info on my phone in case I wanted to track it later, and that it not call me a fatty like my Wii Fit did.

I also wanted it to make me magically thin, but that doesn’t appear to be happening.

As a scale it measures to within two tenths of a pound of what my WalMart Special scale and is slightly more forgiving of the surface it’s on. As a body fat/hydration/bone mass/visceral fat/muscle mass scanner I think it does about as well as any I’ve played with (and that’s not particularly great).

I’d initially become interested in this as someone had claimed it worked with MyFitnessPal on the reviews and I’m trying, for the past 188 days, to stick to a plan to get me down about 20 more pounds. Unfortunately that person was off their rocker as the scale does not currently have support and probably will not unless someone writes an iWellness to MyFitnessPal integration app.

Paul is obese
BMI – the thing that says Michael Jordan is obese, gets my chunky butt

iWellness 4.0 is the app that’s used to communicate with the scale on Android and iOS, as of the current release it’s just a very basic interface that keeps track of measurements and days. Looking at the reviews for the app, it appears it doesn’t function well on a wide variety of devices. Personally I only have the problem of if my phone’s screen isn’t on it doesn’t sync data. This is annoying.

Side note – all my photos of the product were taken in October and, well, I removed them from Dropbox and am not near the scale as of this writing. Should you need proof of scale life, I’ll take a photo of it with this quarter’s Garden & Gun.

Overall though, the base scale looks and feels really good. The weight measurement is the fastest I’ve seen digitally, and seems to correlate with my old beat up scale. The app is lacking and may not get any better and that’s a problem. Hopefully someone will write an interface into a better app, but hoping that something happens doesn’t get the coding done.

I don’t particularly trust the muscle/hydration/visceral fat measurements, but that’s been across the board on all scales I use.

Overall, scale is scale, works well, app is under featured, buggy for some according to the reviews, I like the thing but really hope they’ll push the developers into creating either a better iWellness or dumping the information into MyFitnessPal.

Software not there. Hardware win.

The Lumsing Smart Scale is available at Amazon for $42.99.

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2 thoughts on “Lumsing Smart Scale review

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    I have this scale too, and when my fiancé tried it with the iOS version for the app, it offers to sync your weight details into Apple Health (or whatever the apple equivalent of Google Fit is) and from there, I believe it’s possible to sync from Apple to Myfitnesspal. I’m in the Garmin/MFP ecosystem, and there’s an android app called weightlogger that you can manually enter in your details from the my wellness app and it creates a “.fit” file that you can upload to garmin which sometimes but not always syncs to MFP.

    • Yeah, it doesn’t seem like it should be too terribly difficult to add MFP to it. Just needs some work that I don’t know if the programmer/company will put into it on the Android side.


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