Amazon gold box SanDisk Storage deals

Today’s amazon gold box is all about the storage with big discounts on everything from microSD cards to SSD’s in SanDisk’s lineup.

71Z7xW8CXpL. SL1500 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereFirst up on today’s exciting list is a product we’ve looked at before. We reviewed SanDisk’s Ultra II SSD in it’s 1TB capacity and came away pleased with the performance it offered. Today’s deal includes the 1Tb capacity at an appealing 249.99. It also includes the smaller 250Gb model at a much more wallet friendly 79.99. These make excellent drives for typical consumer systems with their quick reads and large SLC buffer especially at 1Tb.

6108i3TAT3L. SL1009 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereUp next is the SanDisk Extreme 500 Portable. This is a external SSD in a USB enclosure. Although we haven’t had the fortune to look at either it or the SSD plus it’s based on this drive should meet make anyone on the go happy. In the box today are both the 500gb model at 159.99 and 250gb model at 89.99. Considering the pricing of bare drives the 250Gb model is especially tempting for people needing a moderate amount of large and fast storage on the go.


61eqCWrVmJL. SL1200 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereMicroSD cards also make an appearance in today’s gold box deals. One of the most appealing being the SanDisk Ultra 256Gb class 10 UHS-I card at 119.99. Packing 256Gb into something the size of a fingernail is no small feat. Offering it at a competition undercutting price is that much more impressive. Following the lead of it’s larger sibling is a 128Gb microSD at an even more wallet friendly 32.99.


bitmap - for some reason we don't have an alt tag herePortable storage not to be limited to just large SSD type devices. SanDisk has no less than 5 flash drives included in today’s deals.There is one for everyone with a Wifi stick highlighting the 200gb capacity at an impressive 67.99. We have the wifi stick in for review so expect to hear a report on it in the next week or two. Flash drives with both microUSB and TypeC connectors are avaiable for android users. The microUSB weighs in at 25.99 for the 128gb model while the type-c demands 38.89 at the same capacity. For iOS users there is SanDisk’s iXpand drive although like all iOS specific accessories it carries additional cost coming in at 71.99 for a 128Gb model. Finally is the 128gb ultra fit usb 3.0 mini flash drive demanding a mere 24.99. These are excellent for unobtrusive semi-permanent storage I personally have one in my car.

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