A wild [FUSE]chicken Gravity Lift Wireless Charging Stand appears

[FUSE]chicken Gravity Lift Wireless Charging StandThe Gravity Lift is an aluminum and leather wireless fast charging  stand that looks cool and charges from 5V-1A to 9V-1.2A.

In a mostly not-correct but maybe right comparison, think of it as wirelessly charging at about 2amps or about +1800mA plugged in. Fast as you’re probably going to get, and looks good while doing it, if you can power it.

As with most wireless charging options we’re looking at they’re not including a charger to power it, so make sure you have a 5V-2A/9V-1.6A charger handy.

The charger looks good, keeps its cool, seems to work with my Galaxy Note 8 with or without the awesome case pretty well (but about 20% faster sans case) and it does what it says it does, which is charge pretty quickly and from any position you’d normally put the phone in.

I have managed to hit the edge of charging range if I tried, but meh, it’s good. I’m not going to fault it for my attempts to make it fail.

So, good charger by [FUSE]chicken, cable length provided seems adequate, it’s fairly attractive for a charger. Only complaint is a little blue light that kicks on when charging and that the cable actually comes off the back of the charging stand at about an inch high rather than snaking out somehow at foot level.

[FUSE]chicken Gravity Lift Wireless Charging Stand[FUSE]chicken Gravity Lift Wireless Charging Stand[FUSE]chicken Gravity Lift Wireless Charging Stand[FUSE]chicken Gravity Lift Wireless Charging Stand

It has currently taken the place of my bedside charger because it works, doesn’t overheat, I haven’t woken up in the past 11 days I’ve used it to a dead phone, and overall it does what it’s supposed to. Man, hard to make something that works like it’s supposed to sound exciting these days.

[FUSE]chicken Gravity Lift Wireless Charging Stand [FUSE]chicken Gravity Lift wireless charger

You might like it, you might not. It’s a little pricier than I’d like to see a folded aluminum minimalist piece with a totally cosmetic leather backing, but there don’t seem to be a lot of stand-up aluminum and leather fast Qi chargers out there do there?

It’s currently available for $59.95 on [FUSE]chicken’s website. I’d personally wait until the price went down a little to grab one, or that they threw in a USB charger to power it for the current price, but it’s not bad.

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