Smart gloves being – wait, no, really they’re actually kind of cool

If you’ve ridden a bike you’ve probably run into some point when you would have liked some sort of visual indicator of something – be that who’s texted you, upcoming turns. Kind of useful. Being able to tap something to switch music also pretty useful.

If you’re on a 2,404 mile motorcycle ride on a crotch rocket like I did 11 years ago, it’s almost a necessity (Nashville, Philadelphia, Martha’s Vineyard, Rochester NY, Nashville again). I managed back then to get by with a Garmin Zumo 550 (until it was lifted,) but it was remarkably not a great experience.

So these gloves (onTracks GuideWatches,) are basically a couple of smart watches sewn into riding gear allowing for quick taps to change music, see the route, answer a call, order a hit, etc.

gants onTracks 2 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

The displays can also be popped out, worn as a smart watch, there’s an open glove format which I am assuming is for rock climbers.

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These are aimed at last mile delivery (couriers,) motorcycle riders, and your generic outdoor enthusiast.

They’re at booth 50017 at Eureka Park tomorrow if you’re at CES this year and want to see them in action.

They’re available for preorder now, no idea how they function at the moment in the real world, but they’re pretty neat.

Here’s the company’s website.

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