I found the coolest thing you can do with an air fryer

Over Christmas an air fryer enter our lives. I think the general requirement with an air fryer is to blog about how healthy you’re being with your air fried potatoes that you’re going to slather in cheese sauce and ranch, but I’m not particularly interested in covering that.

Gourmia Air Fryer

The other night I had to work late. Wife had to feed the kids McDonald’s because she was hitting the house with them at nearly 8pm (girl scouts, robbing a bank, cookie protection money collection,) and they were starving, my glorious vegetarian dinner had been purchased (large french fries,) but I missed out on the fry window by the time I got done with the night of IT hell at work.

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The fries were un-tasty cardboard garbage at this point (your opinion of how McDonald’s fries start out tasting is noted, good one.) Heating in the microwave turns them into noodle mush, the stove I generally get slightly warm sadness, but with McDonald’s fries and an air fryer, bam, 80-85% goodness returned with a 375 6-minutes run.

But it doesn’t end there, the air fryer appears to be the ultimate fried food reinvigorator. I don’t know what the difference is between it and the stove when it comes to reheating played-out cold fried, but evidently the air fryer is where it’s at unless you want to double deep fry the thing. That would probably be more where it’s at.

I have now concluded the requirement of the social contract one enters when purchasing an air fryer in which I blog about the air fryer. Now I must go and blog about CBD or something.

So yeah, if you’re not cooking up something healthy, go ahead and try reheating something terrible. They seem perfect for that.

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