Effective Huawei ban signed

Huawei received the ZTE treatment yesterday and is effectively banned from playing in the 5G rollout in the United States.

U.S. companies that sell technology to Huawei now may have to apply for, and receive, an export license to continue doing business.

The price difference between carrier Huawei tech and other brands is significant, although there are two higher priced competitors Ericsson and Nokia (you just heard the Nokia ringtone in your head didn’t you?)

This order comes as part of the tariff war with China under the claim that telecom infrastructure supplies from China, and Huawei specifically, are a potential threat to national security.

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Paul E King

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2 thoughts on “Effective Huawei ban signed

  • Is this one of those “Make America great again!” moves by the blonde dude?
    At least the money will flow towards Europe… :-P He! He!

    • I’ve never been sure what his beef with Huawei was. ZTE was just cause, but Huawei just seems like a company that’s in China. Generally easier to hack some firmware than to hide something in hardware I’d think.


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