Following up on the tech support from hell

We last left Pocketables with having a ticket open for nearly a month and nine escalations, 8 admins working it, and next to zero understanding by them of what the actual issues were.

TL;DR – DNS lookups were screwed up, which meant the admin side could take forever to load. I sent them the fix, they couldn’t understand what was going on and lied about what could and could not be done on our host.

I’d called up a business manager 20something days in who managed to get hold of someone, and I was informed that they would test it and the fix might take months to deploy. It was fixed a day later. Our times on the admin side went from waiting a minute total from login page to being able to do anything to 3.79 seconds. Sometimes less.

I wanted to know what was up and what method they’d used to resolve their DNS issue in case it ever came up again so I shot the business support guy an email on May 19th.

The email included the original ticket number and me just asking what they had done to resolve the issue.

May 20th I get an email from S, a CSR. He tells me the admins are reviewing the case and had asked if I could send them a URL that could replicate the problem. Keep in mind this is written multiple times in the referenced ticket. The ticket at this point is multiple pages of me writing the same thing because the techs aren’t reading it.

I ask them if for some reason they don’t have access to the ticket that’s referenced (and quoted in my email,) and nicely ask again what they had done to fix it.

I get an email back from T, a CSR who informs me that nothing had been done but to please send them a link to where my broken images are because they’re not locating a a reference to a page with broken images.

I send them an email back asking where they got that I was referencing a broken image. I’ve never referenced a broken image.

They reply back two days later that they can’t locate a reference to a broken image and once again ask for the link to display the broken image.

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Paul E King

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