Veelink Bamboo Wireless Charger review

There’s not a lot of differentiation in most wireless chargers. They charge, they use a power adapter you generally supply, and they’re quite a bit slower than wired charging.

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But most are black or white and look like a drink coaster and just appear completely out of place anywhere…

The Veelink Bamboo Wireless Charger includes an organizer and matches well if you’ve got lighter furniture, or are trying to match a golden futon that everyone seems to have owned in the past.

The only issues I have with this a week in is price. I actually like everything about the unit but it’s ~$7 of charging tech, $4 of bamboo, and extra $1.50 shipping for the size, so it feels like it should be in the low $20’s and currently it’s in the high twenties.

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At that price I start feeling that they should include a power adapter capable of pushing the 10W charging for it.

Pros: looks nice, charges well, USB-C charging, up to 10 Watt charging.
Cons: Price

Veelink Bamboo Wireless Charger - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

You can grab one at Amazon. I would wait until they’re below $25 personally, but I’m a cheapskate.

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