Govee Indoor Thermo-hygrometer H5075 review

We’ve reviewed the WiFi version of Govee’s thermostat and hygrometer before, but now a new version has been released – the H5075.

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The H5075 is a Bluetooth-only version, meaning this is only useful if you’re going to be within about 150 feet of the thing. This is not the device you want to monitor anything further than you can see.

The H5075 has a twenty day memory onboard so you can see how the temperature and humidity vary day by day, hour by hour, it can be set to alarm you when the humidity of temperature exceeds or is below a certain threshold, and generally it’s a good way to monitor an area as long as you’re going to be near that area with your phone.

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It looks better than this, my phone seems unable to capture it correctly.

It will not alert you when you’re out of Bluetooth range however. Nor will it alert you if your phone’s task killer has killed the process. So make sure to exclude the Govee app and check that it’s running occasionally.

I tested the device against my cheap-o 10+ year old Honeywell Thermo-hygrometer, and results appear the same. The display on the Govee unit is more readable than my Honeywell (which is an older unit than linked,) but a little subdued in the black.

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The unit comes with two AAA batteries, and includes a battery monitor. You’ll need to get the Govee Home app from your favorite app store. I’d stress the WiFi enabled version is significantly more useful as you can see what temperatures things are at from a distance and get alerts while out, but this works well.

I will note that the range I listed comes from the manual, which states it’s 164 feet. The advertising on Amazon claims 260.

The Govee Indoor Thermo-hygrometer H5075 is available on Amazon for $13.99.

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