Govee WiFi Temperature and Humidity Monitor review

Govee WiFi Temperature and Humidity MonitorThe Govee H5051 WiFi Thermo-Hygrometer serves to let you know when an area is too hot, cold, or damp so that you can do something about it before plants, people, and things die or mold grows everywhere.

Should you question whether this is in fact a Hydrometer, check out Hydrometer vs Hygrometer and get your learn on.

While Bluetooth versions of these things have been around for years, that really doesn’t help all that much if, say you’re not within Bluetooth range when your office AC unit malfunctions and superheats your office and boils your plants.

For basements it’s a good way to test the air to see if there’s too much moisture (busted water lines,) and to let you know when your AirBnB is being treated very strangely.

Alternately maybe you want to know that baby’s room is the correct temperature/humid enough, although you probably could get away using the Bluetooth version here.

The Govee H5051 runs off of three included AAA batteries and can be placed anywhere you need it within WiFi range. Alarms can be set up for temperature and humidity ranges to alert you when you’ve exceeded a threshold, however you’ll need to make sure the Govee app hasn’t been killed by any power saving app.

There currently appears to be no Assistant integrations for Google, Amazon, etc. I have an email stating that is being worked on, however you go with the product as it stands and not what people hope to accomplish.

Govee WiFi Temperature and Humidity MonitorGovee WiFi Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Govee WiFi Temperature and Humidity MonitorMy other found annoyance with the Govee H5051 is it exists in that IoT segment that has to connect to 2.4gHz and has a setup app (Govee Home,) that cannot differentiate between a 2.4 and 5gHz SSID named the same thing.

As such I had to follow my own tutorial over here to make my phone join the 2.4gHz access point and then set the thermo-hygrometer up.

This is really inexcusable these days. These Smart Home apps should really be able to join a network at 2.4gHz by SSID, not require the phone being connected to a certain band to set it up.

The device has an always on display do you can eyeball the temp, and it pings back every 10 or 30 minutes depending on how you’ve got it set up to save battery.

With an MSRP of $75.99 and a deal that puts it in the $64.59 range (deal expired within 9 hours of writing,) I’d really like to see this thing be more robust on the software side.

My guess is the Govee Home app will eventually be Google Assistant integrated (based on email I just got yes.) It reminds me of Smart Life, which most other IoT things I’ve been given use, so here’s hoping.

That complaining aside, with 63 ratings at the moment it’s currently rocking a 90%/A rating on Fakespot, which impresses me.

You can grab the Govee WiFi Temperature and Humidity Monitor at Amazon for $75.99 for the WiFi version, or $28.99 for the Bluetooth version.

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10 thoughts on “Govee WiFi Temperature and Humidity Monitor review

  • Avatar of Roy Appleton

    Prices have gone up! I don’t see any “deals”!

    • They evidently expired between when this was finished and when it was scheduled to post. I’m editing it now. Sorry about that, I did not think nine hours would change the price ten bucks. Editing now.

    • That said, Wikibuy (if you’ve got the plugin) has a $4 coupon code as of this writing.

  • Avatar of Roy Appleton

    That’s ok, it was marginal even with the deal price!

    • Yup, without assistant or IFTTT features I’m slightly south of whelmed.

  • Avatar of Tom Bullock

    Hi Paul,

    I know it’s been two years but do you know if this ever got Google Home integration? I’m looking for a wireless temperature/humidity and ideally air quality monitor to use with Home Assistant, but I can’t tell if this has it or not.

  • I recently purchased this product for use with an Airbnb cabin I own 170 miles away from my residence. So far, the WIFI has worked well, and I’m getting great readings on my app. However, there are a couple of puzzlers. First, an “offline” notation appeared for a few days even though the readings continued. Then the notation disappeared. Second, there is both a “Home” and “Away” scene, but I have no idea what the difference may be. Any insight?

    • I’ve never seen the offline notification except when for some reason mine actually was. I use this currently on a project (it’s somewhere within 10 feet of me now.) No insight on that one.

      As for the scenes, is this in Govee Home? App with a blue and white icon? I’ve seen scenes before in other apps, but I don’t seem to have them in my Govee Home app. If you can give me the procedures for setting up a scene I’ll mess with it. Yeah, mine I can see historical data, wifi settings, set limits, I see no scene… could be an older version, could be my account, could be I’m misunderstanding.

      • I misstated. The scene issue was for a different app.


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