Vermont Bill would ban anyone under 21 from cell phone use

Want a year in prison or a $1000 fine? Be under 21, grab your parent’s phone and play Angry Birds in Vermont if a new bill proposed by Sen. John Rodgers.

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John Rodgers

The legislation isn’t expected to pass. Rodgers isn’t expecting to vote for his own bill. But man, doesn’t it come out and scream “I want to call young people completely irresponsible and will use my platform to do so.”

Maybe I’m missing something. The reporting’s pretty shallow but mentions he’s just doing it to raise conversation.

Seems like this could be done with a series of bills aimed at cell phone carriers that charge people for apps to turn off the phone when they’re driving. If you want to get down to it driving deaths could be dramatically reduced if cell phones apps were in place to shut the phone down while driving or insurance was notified.

As for the cyber bullying arc, that’ll continue on a computer, on a tablet, etc… just slightly slower, like it’s been going since before the dawn of mobile communications.

But yeah, you want to do something, target the carriers and bring the insurers for backup. I’ve often thought at Sprint tried to sell me a $24 a year service to turn my phone off that it’s a racket.

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