Paul reviews something spammy: LED Color Changing faucet light

Every now and then a spammy email or Facebook advertisement will lure me in, which was the case with an LED Color Changing gadget faucet insert that would color your water blue when it was cold, green when it was good, and red/blinking red when it was too darn hot.

It’s also powered by the water spinning an impeller so there’s that bit of awesome too.

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You can see the leaking on the sides of the insert even in the product shots.

Great idea for Android enthusiasts who like water gadgets kids. Yeah, kids. I got it totally for them. Now everyone is playing water DJ in my bathroom.

Anyway, the ad was about $19 for one of these things so I popped on Amazon, searched around and got it for under half that from the same OEM.

On my American Standard faucet, screwed right in and works as advertised. I will point out that unless you get some Teflon tape there is going to be some leakage on the side because these are made of not particularly well fitting plastic.

That said, it’s a drop on the side and not a stream so chances are it’s within a tenth of an inch of where it should have been anyway. You can see the dripping from the side even from the product photos.

Before you order, make sure your current faucet you can get the filter/diffuser out. Also make sure your kids understand they’ve got to turn the water off at some point.

Grab one from Amazon for about $8

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