Nashville hit for… checks list… 4th time this year

I’ve mentioned a bit in the past that it’s been a bit of an off year for Nashville. In March we had a tornado that stretched for 70+ miles and took out swaths of North Nashville, mid-March out of an abundance of caution Nashville shut down to try and flatten the curve and prepare for the expected overwhelming viral tsunami.

TL;DR – life man…

As Nashville has become primarily a tourism and live entertainment destination this meant that a much higher population become unemployed overnight than you might have expected.

Then we got hit by a weather event called a Derecho, which took out power to 140,000 completely wiping out food stored in refrigerators for thousands, and shuttered the town for another few days. I mean, it was a great time to be a tree service and an electrician.

Through this all, Nashville entered phase 1 & 2 of our reopening strategy. Businesses, when they could safely, opened. Some of the touristy stuff downtown managed to get back open in limited capacity.

This weekend saw mostly peaceful protests which dispersed at 7ish over the Floyd murder. Then people started showing up who were out to cause trouble. One of ’em I watched live appearing to start a fire in the courthouse (they caught him,) here he is earlier peacefully protesting.

The National Guard got called in, it appeared they dispersed the relatively few vandals, the next night they curfewed at 7 shutting down shattered businesses again, and tonight will be the third night of curfew.

So yeah, how’s your city doing? I’ve had months of feeling emotionally gut punched for my home town.

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The firs traffic I have seen in two and a half months was caused by a bag of garbage being dropped on the interstate.

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