GoDaddy went, mama

Domain registrar GoDaddy had a massive failure and many, if not all domains that were registered with it disappeared from the internet for several hours. I am currently seeing several sites still refusing to resolve, while some are saying some sites are back up.

For a registrar to go down is pretty rare. For those wondering what happens when a registrar goes down – going to the website returns either that the domain can’t be found or refuses to connect, emails get bounced back to you saying non-existent domain.

GoDaddy claims the issues have been resolved, but nope, bunch of registered through GoDaddy sites are still down. Maybe the fix has to propagate?

It’s even rarer to see two large scale outages like the Nest one yesterday and this one take place within 24 hours of each other. Hey 2020…

Some info via DomainWire, but most just because I started getting warnings at 1am last night. Yes, I’m crediting myself.

Should you want a quick highly non-technical run-down of what a Domain Registrar is – a domain name points to a DNS server. A DNS server gives a map to a computer’s address such as or 2607:f8b0:4002:811:200e: (both of these are Google’s)

Your web browser asks your local DNS server to look up Google – it looks to see what all is in control of that and whether the info it has about it is current first, then it goes down the chain to see who to ask for the DNS servers, then it talks to the DNS servers and asks for an address, then you connect to said address.

Or if you’re thinking of a map, basically what happened is you had a highly detailed map and directions written out and a cat came down and laid on top of it.

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