CES registration now open & evidently charging media, not cancelled yet

CES 2022 is open for registration now in advance of it potentially being cancelled for Covid-19 in January. I mean, nothing screams health and safety like people flying in from all over the world to congregate in buildings with recirculating air.

CES 2022

This year appears different however. After a cancelled 2020 and an abysmal 2021 virtual performance, the 2022 version will not only require bloggers and media to provide a whole lotta proof they’re the bare minimum, they’re also charging for you to attend. I wondered why it wasn’t this way before as some media outlets tend to pay for placement there.

Am I up at arms? Not really!

The already wallet-draining CES experience (to bloggers of my level,) will also now require proof of vaccination in an accepted form (good on them,) before they’ll print a badge. Show up without accepted proof and no access to your records? Have fun with that.

And no refund or 2023 event contingency that I see. That said the site is so slow searching for anything is like pulling teeth. The only cancellation thing I can find involves submitting in writing by Dec 14th and getting a refund minus a $25 processing fee.

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As usual, there’s something wrong with the registration website. Stuck in a loop of it telling me there’s information required and it lists it as incomplete going from one page to the next – I can get to the part where it wants money but yeah, going to wait on this.

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Random error page is random

Based on 2019 stats it looks like they’re trying to raise about $10 million in registration fees, although I’d expect the fees are a drop in the bucket to somewhat pay for the disaster that has been the past two CESs.

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It’s 2021, it’s a technology site, it’s a trainwreck of a credit card processing page that makes me feel like maybe I’m on a scam site.

That’s all – registration is open, $50 for media, and as usual the website is bad.

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