20 days on Windows 11 – I don’t hate it

I upgraded the normal way on my main machine, and the slightly abnormal way on a few other machines, and the experience has been… ok I guess. I sort of expected more, and was a little let down by the virtual desktop experience of 11, but yeah.

I generally only notice that a couple of context menus are different, and opening task manager requires right clicking on the start button and not the taskbar in general. Applications feel like they launch smoother, but I may be hallucinating that.

As a good operating system should be, it’s mostly out of the way of my applications and not overly noticeable.

So take that roaring review and install it, or don’t. You have something like 10 days after installing that you can roll it back to 10 if you hate it. It’s currently free, will be able to run Android apps natively fairly soon (now if you’re part of the Insider program) and generally has not been annoying.

I am told however that from a programmer’s standpoint, 11 is a beastly POS with shell registration issues (for programs not installed via the Windows Store,) that are poorly documented. So might want to check with your favorite non-Store Windows app developer to make sure there’re no issues.

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Paul E King

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3 thoughts on “20 days on Windows 11 – I don’t hate it

  • Avatar of John Mattie

    I have been using Windows 11 on my work PC and I kind of like it. It’s kind of odd to me that Windows 11 seems work well as a media center PC especially when hooked up to a TV. It also adjusts well to 4K.

    • So far (6 more days in) – I’m still feeling ok with it. Still feels a little snappier, but I’m not entirely certain about that.

      Have my main unit at home hooked up to an old 55″ 4K TV (not HDR) – don’t really notice much annoying…

      If they get that Android emulator/recompiler running smoothly I’m going to be happy with it. As it stands right now, seems slightly better than 10 for what I’ve run into, but not terribly much.

  • Ooh, found a bug or something – came in my computer was off, power settings had changed to snooze after 30… luckily wasn’t in the middle of something


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