Dreame Bot W10 self cleaning vacuum/mop preview

I’ve been doing a fair number of vacuum reviews lately, mostly because I’ve been looking for something that actually does the job I want it to do in the environments I want it to, in this particular scenario my father’s house. With the Dreame Bot W10 we’ve almost got all the bases covered. Let’s go over what we’ve got here.

The Dreame Bot W10 absolutely excels at mopping, beating anything on the market I’ve run across. If you want a mop, this is probably your robot. While other mop and vacuum combos work by dragging along a damp cloth with a couple of pounds of pressure behind them, the Dreame Bot W10 has dual spinning scrubbers and will clean and dry the mop heads after use.

Dreame Bot W10

Still testing it on vacuuming, but with the mop heads attached I can say it has issues navigating some of the thicker area rugs that are in the testing environment. Without the mop heads attached you’ve got 4000Pa suction, but still a little on the fence with coming up with a metric of how much better that actually is over the 3000Pa units we’ve reviewed given that you still need to agitate most dirt out of carpets to suck it up, and there’s nota lot of new going on in the agitating brush.

The W10 comes with a base unit that holds two tanks – one for clean water, and one for dirty water. There’s no self-emptying of the vacuum portion, however your dirty mop heads are going to get cleaned out and dried every run. Overall the vacuum side seems mostly like anything else on the market, at least at this point. Still testing.

What really has been pretty neat is, although it runs the same software every other smart robot vacuum seems to run these days, this has a fast mapping mode. This is currently testing at my dad’s house and as we discussed in another robo vac review, it tends to take a long time before the software mapped correctly. The Dreame Bot W10 mapped the entire house in about 7 minutes, enough to establish a decent enough map to define rooms while I was visiting.

Dreame Bot W10 fast map app

Not to say the software’s perfect, had a lot of trouble in the app renaming rooms, but if I did one at a time it stuck, and annoyance level was low. I am also dealing with a robot vacuum that as far as I can tell does not exist for sale yet, so chances are it’ll be resolved by the time it’s out.

Dreame Bot W10 dirty water from one run.
Dirty water tank from scrubbing a mess

The W10 in the base station looks absolutely massive. Like someone put a bread maker or an air frier that could cook a Roomba on the floor. That extra tower space is where 4 liters of clean water and up to 4 liters of dirty water can hang out, as well as the heat drying / cleaning mechanisms for the rotating scrubbers.

Dreame Bot W10 v standard docking vacuum tower
It’s a lot of floor space, probably worth it though

Dreame Bot W10 quick specs

Battery: 6400mAh
Runtime: up to 210 minutes
Suction: 4000Pa
Tanks: 4L clean/dirty in base station
Vision: LiDAR
Shape: D

Current impressions of the Dream Bot W10

This is fairly early on, but so far best mop I’ve seen. Feels like it’s half the complete solution to the mop/vacuum/tower equation, but the lack of a storage container for the vacuum bin makes it feel like the vacuuming was a secondary goal. Which is fine, the W10 is a mopping beast that can navigate small spaces and does a surprisingly decent job.

Lack of Google Assistant support is annoying, it does work with Alexa/Amazon it appears, much like my Dreame Bot L10 Pro. I’ll note that bot’s appeared to have gotten a lot smarter shortly after release. That or it socially engineered me into cleaning and organizing my upstairs in a certain way.

That said, I don’t have a price or release date on this yet and their website isn’t telling me much. My assumption is that the Dreame Bot W10 will be out in the next month or two depending on supply chain issues, but that’s just an assumption.

Update: it’s available on Amazon now

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