Ever wonder what’s inside your Fitbit Sense cable?

As I mentioned earlier I’m awaiting a replacement cable for my Fitbit Sense – one of the pins has pushed back into the device after very very gentle use, and as a result it either doesn’t charge or it’s a situation where I have to flip it over, shake it around for a bit for that pin to extend slightly and maybe, just maybe I’ll get a connection.

Last night I attempted this again and noticed the pin was completely in the unit. No amount of tapping moved it, no jiggling, shaking, jostling, etc. My cable wasn’t showing until Monday, I have actual work I need to do that involves getting that unit charged – the stage was set for me to open the thing, void my warranty (which they’ve already mailed me a new cable, just not getting here before the watch dies,) attempt to pull the pin back up, and wonder why a cable is $20+ everywhere for this device.

What we have in the magnetic charging base is stuff. A whole lot of it. You can see from the exposed back of the unit there’s stuff covering nearly all of the free space. Some of this stuff is different colors and includes wires. Some of the stuff is not wires. The metal on the four corners are magnets, and I’ll skip the Insane Clown Posse link.

The board there appears to be held on with magic. I could find no way to dislodge the board without breaking it, although now that I’m looking at it I wonder if that’s a screw that’s covered up in the center.

The two little black pegs stabilizing the board look a little like eyes with the mouth being the wires. With the metal petals making the entire thing look to me like a smiling Demogorgon

I never was able last night to remove the plate and push the pin back in, maybe I’ll accomplish today. Maybe I’ll just delay my project by a couple of days because I’m not planning to risk charging on that cable… who knows.

At least now I get a bit why that cable is more expansive than your average USB C cable or such…

I am kind of surprised that I’ve had 3 bad cables from Google at this point (Nest and an older product) – I am not hard on cables (my kids are,) and the latest haven’t even moved…

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