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Fix Google Drive install stuck at “Installing Drivers” Win 11

Here’s an odd one – we use Google Drive at work, and I’m commissioning a brand spankin’ new Windows 11 laptop which has been a relatively great experience compared to early versions of 10.

Three options currently listed below (updated Dec 29, 2021)

One thing I had happen however was Google Drive just sitting twiddling its thumbs saying “installing drivers” (I did not get a screenshot of this sadly.)

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Option 1 (terminate installer service)

After about thirteen and a half hours of waiting (realistically two minutes or so,) I checked Task Manager to see if it was actually doing anything. The Google Drive Installer had no CPU usage, no disk usage, and pretty much nothing was doing anything. When I expanded the services I saw that the Microsoft Edge Installer service seemed to be running, and yeah, that’s not what I’d expect.

Upon terminating just the Microsoft Edge Installer, Google Drive installed and was happy. I’m guessing there’s something in default apps that Edge is pushing these days that got in the way.

If that doesn’t fix Google Drive being stuck at “Installing Drivers” in Windows 11, drop back by when you find a fix and let us know what it was.

If this worked for you, stay on the page for a couple of minutes (SEO/bounce rate thing) if it didn’t, let us know what you find if you solve it.

Option 2 (kill it with fire, start install as admin)

Credit to commenter cmrunnels

Terminate the install, restart it as administrator

Option 3 (kill the Run Once Wrapper)

Credit to commenter Agata

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