Pocketables Paul and the purloined Portland Pickles mascot press post

I don’t generally throw alliterated word salad in headlines, but having been a member of a comedy troupe called the Electric Pickle Players (no, it was the science experiment, not the sex toy, that’s what they kept claiming to the end,) and also having been to a Portland Pickles game, this…

A press release came across the Pocketables inbox it amused…? me greatly.

TL;DR – weird blogging/PR/pickles/science experiments, you’ve been warned.

Portland Pickles
The electric pickle experiment

I somehow got on the Portland Pickle’s (baseball team,) PR list… looking at Pocketables it was probably when Google News was forcing me to listen to a podcast (cool one as a note, just not my interests,) and I mentioned my entire baseball interest for the past 10 years had been that I’d been to a Pickles game while visiting the inlaws and had no idea why Google thought I lurved fantasy baseball podcasts.

Really though, if you like Fantasy Baseball, Pitcherlist seemed good.

Anyway, here I sat running on UPS power and using my phone as a WiFi hotspot due to a kitchen remodel and yeah. I get a press release that one of three sports mascots I know has been picklenapped.

So yeah, short press release is Dillon T Pickle was lost on a Delta flight, found, dropped off at pickle HQ, and porch pirated.

Should you be in Portland or surrounding areas and notice a person in a pickle suit… maybe ask them if it’s their pickle suit (it’s Portland, you don’t know.)

Portland Pickles
Pickle, friend’s kids, two Pocketables spawn

Yes, BOLO Pickle, don’t check your pickle in Delta, and if you’re able please return one of the three mascots I know to the team.

Also if you do find the mascot suit, don’t do the electric pickle experiment on the thief… could be messy.

Press release follows:

Here’s the story:

  • At first, Delta Airlines lost Dillon the Mascot on a flight home from the DR. He was scheduled to return home to Portland on Monday, January 31, 2022, however, that is not what happened.
  • Yesterday, Dillon was finally located by Delta and delivered to their office after hours last night, with no notification.
  • At 4:58AM this morning, someone stole him off the front porch. This has turned from a mistake by Delta to a crime.
  • Please find the details/video surveillance footage here:
  • The Pickles are now calling on the people of Portland to help identify the man who stole Dillon and bring him back home.
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