If you’re going to be clueless and get a vacuum for Mother’s day, at least make it a good robot vacuum

As I get inundated with PR firm marketing for mother’s day one thing is pretty clear: marketing is pretty tone deaf and maybe you should just try non-consumer appreciation?

TL;DR – don’t

But, if you’re going to fall into the trap that you have to purchase something, and you feel you have to spend something. Go good.

I cannot express my distaste of the idea of getting mom a vacuum, mop, pots, pans, etc… I mean unless she wanted that… different story then. Just “get mom what she really wants – dish soap!” advertising is making my eyes cross. I mean, she wants dish soap? Get it. But damn.

“Here mom, here’s a device that will make cleaning up after me slightly easier!”

There has been one out of 20something robot vacuums that I would consider a good gift. Guess what, I’m not pushing it or naming it.

Of all the tone deaf advertising I’ve seen, a robot vacuum exists in the realm of not quite as ridiculously … whatever.

Give the gift of time. She gets mad at you point to some old guy in a cat t-shirt on the internet claiming to be a font of Mother’s Day ideas and blame me.

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