At two years into Sprint/T-Mobile I don’t feel like a T-Mobile customer

In April of 2020 Sprint and T-Mobile merged. In January of 2021 my wife and I completed what I thought was the complete assimilation into T-Mobile with new SIMs and a brand spanking new bootup screen.

Update: Was on a plane 6/18 and as expected, it requires a certain Sprint plan because surprise surprise I’m still a Sprint customer.

I checked a few months back, I don’t have Netflix on US… not a huge deal, but it’s a deal as I wanted to stop paying for Netfllix due to them being … well, you probably know my thoughts on Netflix’s leadership at this point. No, I’ve got some sort of Hulu deal.

I was on vacation this last week in Oregon am man, was I happy to see on the Delta flight that T-Mobile customers had free WiFi… turns out I’m not a T-Mobile customer according to Delta/T-Mobile… that involved a Magenta plan and I’m on some sort of hybrid Sprint plan still. Even after embracing the T-Mobile I’m still directed to Sprint for billing.

T-Mobile announced yesterday the Airline plan I mentioned above:

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While I discovered this a couple of days before on the plane, unless something changed (and it might have,) my T-Mobile/Sprint plan was not equivalent and I was directed to change plans because I wasn’t a T-Mobile customer. Or at least not one that gets the benefits. Oh, can’t change plans because I’m on a plane and there’s no internet.

Years into reporting a tower problem I’m at the same dead response as Sprint had… yes, it’s a problem, would I like to open yet another ticket about it?

After 22 years with the same company and 9 plan changes now I think I’m going to have to change plans yet again to be considered a T-Mobile customer, and as far as I can tell after doing that they will be making close to $9 less a month off of me. So yeah… weird…

Really expected that a year ago when we swapped SIMs, changed plans, yadda yadda that I was with T-Mobile fully, but yeah. All this stuff they’re advertising is plan based, not T-Mobile customer based.

Side note, you can get a year of AAA with T-Mobile now. Possibly.

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