163 of you affected in Authy/Twilio data breach

The entire Pocketables audience is… ok, kidding here.. there was a data breach at Twilio last week and it looks like 93 Authy users were impacted as well. The number of compromised people appears to be pretty low, but might as well reroll any accounts that deal with money just in case Twilio missed something.

Authy’s compromise meant that second factor login codes could be generated by a third party, effectively rendering “Password124” ineffective.

The hacking group that evidently did it evidently got DoorDash last week. So if you get delivery or chat on Twilio and second factor authenticate, pay attention. Otherwise nothing to see here, move along.

Main photo – still don’t know who that guy is, but he’s the face of “Data Breach” on Pexels free photo.

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