Dan has tried Netflix games – you know Dan right?

Slightly more than Dan have used Netflix Games according to Apptopia, an app tracking group that says fewer than 1% of Netflix’s member base are using the service.

Netflix, a streaming service with arguably the most bandwidth on the planet, deployed a bunch of apps that have few, if any, bandwidth requirements and are in many cases just digital versions of card games or Netflix property branded games that are already in abundance.

Netflix Games
Netflix Games list minus a few

Based on the average daily use and current subscriber base, 0.76% of Netflix subscribers currently make use of any of the Netflix gaming options.

Netflix Games review of Exploding Kittens
Exploding Kittens

You can see a complete list of Netflix games on Android here, and iOS here, with the top reviews on the ones I’ve read generally claiming they’re buggy and ruin it for everyone.

I imagine the board meeting went something like this:
“you know how Microsoft now has game streaming right?”
“And you know how Google’s Stadia and Amazon’s Luna are streaming games using bandwidth and existing hardware as opposed to users having to have an expensive console right?”
“Yeah… I see where you’re going”
“And you know how we, as Netflix, have better bandwidth deals and capacity than anyone on the planet?”
“You cheeky bastard!”
“Yeah, let’s make some apps that require hardware (iphone or Android,) slap our brand and IP on existing developed games, utilize none of our bandwidth because we’re pushing them through the App Store and Google Play, and create a gaming service!”
“You brilliant beautiful fool, here’s $70 million. Go buy an app development company!”

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