Elon Musk 75% Twitter layoffs could be a good thing – hear me out

Elon Musk is talking about laying off 75% of Twitter… maybe that’s not the horror show it’s being made out to be. At least if Twitter isn’t totally evil. So yeah, some of you are laughing now but let’s discuss the $44 Billion buyout and the ~7,500 Twitter employees as of 2021.

Someone’s getting $44 Billion., let’s say there are 10,000 employees currently (I don’t have 2022 numbers,) and Elon is planning on laying off 7,500. Now, he’s probably planning this in another attempt to get Twitter to back out of the deal, but let’s say that’s actually the case.

Let’s say also the average salary is $100,000. Because why not? I am bad at maths today and this is what you’re getting.

To give 7,500 employees a nice “thanks for getting us 44 billion” you could give them a year’s salary on the sale of Twitter and not even spend 1/44th of the sale price.

Hell, with all the bad will with the new and old owners the old owners could give 10,000 Twitter employees a year’s salary and tell them they did good… that would be 1/44th of the sales price. Be interesting to see what the management style becomes when literally every employee could walk with no financial worry.

To only walk away with 34 billion you could give every Twitter employee 10 years salary as a thank you bonus… would be extremely interesting to see what Musk’s management style would have to be when literally no employee of Twitter *had* to work there, or had to work.

I do hope the desire for petty grievances over this outweigh someone’s desire to have only enough wealth for 340,000 years of high living as opposed to 440,000.

But billionaires gonna billionaire, and I don’t think anyone on Twitter High particularly cares about their employees future beyond being unable to unload the steaming pile that is Twitter for $44b.

Could be quite amusing, but won’t because this is far too predictable.

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