The Pixel 7 Pro & Google Wallet/GPAY- am I doing something wrong?

I’ve been using tap-to-pay since it came out. Very early adopter because, well, I write about this stuff. Rough start, fine for the past couple of years on my S21.

Oh BTW, I know this has no emotional context, I’m asking a question that I can’t find an answer to and not, in this article, dissing on Google.

For the past two weeks I’ve been on a Pixel 7 Pro and I feel like I’m failing here. I unlock my phone with a thumb print, then tap it to the terminal, it fails and I am told I need to unlock my phone, then I tap it to the terminal and get that it failed and I need to unlock my phone, which I do and then bam… smooth as chunky gravy.

Basically not the expected results or previous couple of years experience on my S21. Usually happening when I have a line behind me already.

I went to a grocery store on Sunday. Same fandango but near the end of the dance it claimed I needed to input a PIN on the terminal, and spat out that it was an invalid ID. I broke out a credit card at that point because I just was not into holding the line up any longer as this was round three of the unlock, unlock, unlock tango and I had places to be.

The only thing I can locate on this involves face unlock, which I guess the Pixel 7 Pro could be seeing me from a distance, but it’s stuck in some sort of loop if it is.

Anyone else having issues with this? Is it just unlocking because I’m in the line of sight? Do I need to look away, obscure the camera, or put on a Batman mask? Odd things that are really tinting my Pixel 7 Pro experience.

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