Does nobody read the ticket?

This is a story about a delivery driver breaking something that was placed badly. I’d like to start this with this tiny statue was placed badly by children and was in a walking path on my walkway. It had been there for months, everyone stepped around it, not great placement but whatever. I do not blame the delivery person for breaking it. I am not mad that it got kicked by accident. Accidents happen.

So, A driver kicks it while holding a package in front of his face, breaks it, kicks it to the side and leaves. I’m not even mad at that, just would have been nice to have been informed that it had gotten whacked and not have to go through two days of video to figure out what happened and why it filled with water. Hell, even moving it to the porch where it wouldn’t collect rain in it where I had to dry the insides out before fixing it would have been nice.

I toss the company a note that it’d be nice if they just claimed it. I wasn’t mad, but having to hunt down who did it and how (and why) it happened was kind of annoying. Little card of “whoops.” Don’t even care beyond if you break my stuff be nice enough to let me know.

I fixed the broken statue with glue… this whole event should be done.

I get an email about the claims department wants me to fill something out – I go to the link, write out that I’m not claiming anything unless my glue fails, all good, just want it as a thing that if delivery people break stuff, just an oops card or something, don’t kick the broken stuff to the side and move on. OK, that’s time #2 I’ve said this. Should be good, right?

Insurance adjuster shows at my house the next day unexpectedly while I’m away and starts asking the neighbor about the damage sustained to my house. In no communique with them did I ever say the miniature statue was attached to my house. It’s a $70 lawn statue a friend bought me.

Neighbor has them call me and I tell him that no damage to my house, never mentioned that, it was a statue, look at said statue, see the words “statue” in my message? If it’s still in one piece it was fixed with maybe 20 cents worth of glue after I dried the thing out. I reiterate that I did not file a claim, I did not request compensation, I just asked for it to be a practice that if a delivery person destroys something, even if it’s the house owner’s fault for having it badly placed, they inform you.

I think we’re done at this point…

My email indicates otherwise… the information I gave to the adjuster did not make it back. Much like the context of the first message did not make it. Nor the claim contact that I said I wasn’t claiming anything.

I’m reminded of those passengers in Hitchhiker’s Guide waiting for lemon soaked paper napkins and being put back into suspended animation for over 900 years until such time as a civilization rises that can produce them… doesn’t matter what I want, the claim is going to happen.

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