Having oddness with IoT and Google Home / Assistant? You’re not alone.

While my experiences and what’s being reported on Android Police are different, they sort of seem like they’re in the same ballpark. That ballpark being named “Smart Device that’s integrated with Google Assistant / Home Ballpark and FTX Memorial Coliseum.”

Android Police is reporting that users are struggling to add IoT devices with the new Google Home app, but what I have been seeing is either a massive break into my ridiculous IoT device list, or something’s afoot. Basically I have two connected outlets that I’ve observed turning themselves off and on again or executing a command and then countering it. Different devices, different services on the backend.

Worse than that it appears based on timing a routine I have for lighting might be executing on a new plug.

I may be the red herring / complete outlier here, but when I have an unexplainable issue and a few hours later there’s something in the same realm and it’s Google, you know, sort of expect it’s related. It’s Google.

AP has a list of problems with adding devices and the new Google Home and some workarounds. I just have ghost plugs attached to Google Home. May be unrelated but … it’s never unrelated.

Should you be having issues with Google Home and adding smart devices, here’s the article for you. Might have you a workaround. Should you be having things turn off and on again drop a comment.

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