I got a power pack for my Quest 2, not because I used it so much but because it was dead all the time

I got a Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2,) a while back and you probably haven’t heard me mention it much on Pocketables. Part of that involves everything on the Quest 2 costing an arm and a leg, and part of that has to be with me being quite late to the VR party or feeling that what I was working on or with in VR was extremely clunky and beta feeling.

One of the biggest reasons is that I have not been using it a whole lot. Every time I think “let’s do some VR!” I was finding a dead Meta Quest 2 greeting me because I had put it down, walked away, forgot about it, and the standby mode is not particularly power sipping. Lemme tell you, I don’t like playing in VR with a cable attached to the side of my head so I’d charge the unit, forget about it, rinse repeat.

This was a problem as I am also doing some VR for work. It was dead all the time. Put it on, work for a bit, place the unit down fully expecting to be back, forget about it and dead the next time I needed it.

So I got a battery pack that sits on the back of the head. It’s not that I’m in VR a whole lot, just that it’s dead. I’m of the mind that I can put down an Android device, walk away and 3 days later it’s lost 2% of the battery. Not so with my Quest 2. I now pop the battery pack on my dead Quest 2, wait 10 seconds or so, power up the device and actually accomplish what I want.

What I found I really liked about this was that the weight seems to counterbalance the forward weight. I’d been having some neck issues, and maybe they weren’t related, but after getting this they’re gone. Could be coincidence here.

I got this thing… a BUSQUEDA Pro Head Strap. I got it as part of a reviewer program so that was my option at the time. I’d have chosen something else based on my battery capacity snobbishness (there are 8000 & 10,000 mAh units out there) but would have probably been overkill for my needs.

BUSQUEDA Pro Head Strap with Battery for Quest 2,Magnetic Connection 6000mAh Replaceable VR Power

I’m not really here to praise the thing, it is good, it works well for my needs. But here’s some praise and comments – I never knew I wanted a knob on the back of my head that adjusted the tightness of the strap until I got this thing. Lemme tell you… it’s great. I open that thing wide up, place loosely on my head, crank it to the perfect tightness. You want a knob if you dislike getting in and out of VR.

I can get a kid in and out of this thing in about 10 seconds if need be. Right now they mostly ride virtual roller coasters when they’re on this, but with the straps that came with the Quest 2 it was a several minute adjustment to get them in.

So yeah, if you find you’re not playing with your Quest 2 because the battery is always dead, turn it off and remember to charge it. Failing that get something like the one I’ve posted above. It’s really been a game changer for me.

My use case is not trying to extend this for several hours, it’s entirely so I can use it for a few minutes right now without a wire going to a wall outlet hindering me.

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