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Day 2 of the Copyright72 YouTube music copyright warning scam, now using Google Drive.

This one shows a slight effort was put into the scam for a follow up to yesterday’s email based version of the scam, but not very much. I’m calling it the scam because that’s what the link goes to.

They’ve figured out what email they can share a PDF warning to via Drive. Let me rephrase that as I got a notification for “YouTube Support” sharing a document on Google Drive, in my personal account. Probably by finding the channel owner contact,

Pocketables has no channel copyright claims
YouTube shows no strikes or matches

This one looked slightly more legit because you know, “YouTube Support uploaded an item” and it just appeared in my Google Drive.

Google Drive screenshot of a copyright warning hoax - links in PDF go to
Because YouTube always shares PDFs … via Drive… via share… sure… yeah…I totally buy that

You know, because that’s how YouTube does it – sends a PDF to you saying “copyright warning” that’s shared to a Google Drive but doesn’t bother to update the PDF that still links to a video link that doesn’t work… they link to oeyr6jjwmye, the video link they’re claiming is infringing is actually Oeyr6jjwMyE – case matters.

Fake YouTube Support account with a gmail address of farhanrizie at gmail
Scammers gonna scam
I doubt many Drive users know that if you don’t know the person there’s a “report abuse” option when you right click and it shows the email – [email protected] this is your lucky day
Right click, report abuse, tah dah!
Google on the job... hopefully

So yeah, if at first you don’t succeed with a very very badly implemented scam (link errors, copyright missing name, email saying they’re going to see what you want to do before they report to YouTube and then including a warning that supposedly came from YouTube,) try try again…

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