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Got a YouTube copyright claim scam that didn’t even try –

I got an email from an address in the Czech Republic containing a PDF that vaguely looks like a YouTube warning. It claimed a video we posted was in violation of YouTube’s policy on licensed music.

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You can view that PDF if you want, I’m not linking to it. Image of it below from the sandbox machine.

The video was this one

And it contains a song called “a sky full of stars(short ver.) by yumenoma” from and was used per licensing. So, wasn’t particularly worried. Also considering I’ve never received a DMCA or YT complaint from the Czech Republic and YouTube notifies you at posting if there’s any copyrighted music discovered… yeah…

So they sent a PDF that looks like this:

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Looks a bit like the real thing… just a bit
Bottom line what is that – at2022? Can’t you even get the year right?

So first off the link is close to right, but they screwed up and didn’t maintain the upper/lower case. YouTube links are case sensitive. That link labeled “link” indeed is a link to that URL… which if you get the right caps is the Christmas cheer video. At this point all I’ve done is to manually type in a couple of URLs while looking at a preview of the PDF… don’t worry.

Bottom of the PDF says “@2022 LLC” and an address (which is YouTube’s address)

The “open full report” goes to a site called “” which has the illustrious history of having been registered a total of 21 days at this point. So odd that YouTube would be sending WMG (Warner Music Group?) complaints from a Russian registered Czech-contacting org… without contacting me at the right address.

image 39 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
Current “” info from

I popped open YouTube just to verify there’re no strikes or complaints…nope. Verify the creative commons license and that I adhered to it by crediting properly… yup…

Just another scammer.’s website currently not returning anything on standard probes, and I’m not clicking the link…

YouTube’s policy as a note is three strikes within 90 days you’re subject to termination…. so I fully expect to receive two more of these emails.

What I love is they say as an independent person that before they file a claim with YouTube they wanted me to talk to them, and yet they send a forged notification warning from YouTube… it’s like they haven’t even figured out what the scam they’re trying to pull is… either threaten me with reporting, or send a PDF that looks like a YouTube warning and say they have more to claim against me.

I give this scam one out of 5 stars. Poorly executed, can’t even get the link right. Would not bother with even toying with these people.

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