175 days on this attempt to get Google Fiber, cancelled

Following Google Fiber missing the install deadline by several months back in 2020-2021 at a business I work with, we took a little break from dealing with them. They couldn’t get service the first time in a reasonable amount of time, we had no hopes they could offer any sort of service with how the install had been botched at every level, we gave them some time and space to not completely suck.

175 days ago after a pretty decent offer we accepted. It was going to be a backup circuit and not a primary so the stakes and expectations were pretty freaking low. They came out, discovered that none of the stuff they’d spent months installing and testing a year before worked, and thus began a series of scheduling and rescheduling with no ETA other than “hopefully soon”.

Every week getting calls from installers saying they have earlier dates available… where they could come out and see it’s not working. Every few weeks having to reschedule or installers show up to see that it’s dead…nobody tells the installers that the circuit is dead, the installers don’t keep notes to check evidently either. There’s no “this circuit is dead” on anyone’s radar so it just keeps plugging along.

The first round they claimed at 186 days after the deadline that they had light and were good but never turned up. This time they had light on day 1, but discovered that nothing worked, which I expect was the case when they left it before. Been visited unexpectedly by tech after tech during these nearly six months and yeah.

Perhaps I should have waited four more days and made it an even year of no service, no ETAs, and rescheduling, but you know.

And that has been my Google Fiber Business experience in Nashville. A series of rescheduling, no ETAs, no notification of what is wrong and why there’s light but said light doesn’t work, they had no idea the area was out, missed install dates by months, and scene.

Basically at this point felt like the company was just seeing how long they could get us to buy that fiber was going to work at some point.

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