Happy Mar10 day! (It’sa me, your phone!)

It’s March 10th, also known as Super Mar10, or a day when we remember the plumber who gave it all to fight the enemies of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Personally this day reminds me of the Mario live wallpaper from 2010 that would have Mario running through randomly generated levels behind app icons. Interestingly enough, this still works! Below video is on a Pixel 7 Pro on March 10th, 2023.

Spice up your phone a bit, power up the Nintendo, and remember that if you keep being told the princess is in another castle, there’s a chance she’s just not into you and trying to let you down softly. Don’t be a creeper.

2023 03 10 10.58.22 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

I was under the impression this live wallpaper had been removed sometime ten+ years ago due to copyright issues, but either it’s back or I was misinformed. Very long thread.

If you’re not familiar with how to set up live wallpapers, download and install the APK from the XDA link above, then go to wallpapers, change wallpapers, find live wallpapers, set it. On my Pixel 7 Pro I had to change a couple of settings to keep Mario in the center but I can’t remember what that was… he kept going off the right side, I’m assuming due to something that has happened with Android in the last 13 years.

If the live running Mario is too much for you, grab some non-live wallpaper or just don’t and go play some Mario Kart or something… nobody is going to blame you.

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