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March 2023 Pixel update rolled finally

On Pi day the March 2023 Pixel update rolled out. Interesting additions include dual eSIM support on Pixel 7s, some BMW specific enhancements I can’t test (someone get me a series 3 quickly – I have testing to do!) some timer enhancements that allow you to see and manage running timers on other devices, some new emojis, better night sight, Direct My Call seems to be going to more devices.

Along with a number of bug fixes, the new release seems impressive. I’m not saying that for any of the feature additions, I’ve been home sick and have fallen down a YouTube Shorts hole and for reasons unknown the battery life seems to have been improved significantly on my Pixel 7 Pro.

The March Pixel update release was a week and 4 or so days late, putting it at the middle of the month. During this time Google was quite quiet about what was up with the delays. I still haven’t seen any explanation on that, not sure I will.

With how buggy things were at release time I’m quite ok with them taking an extra week or so to get it right… just wish they were more communicative.

I didn’t notice how long this update took but it was somewhere less than 5 hours. Not that any update I’ve done has taken that long. The length of time on these is due to the “seamless updates” which create an entirely new OS image and if it doesn’t boot you fall back to the old image rather than simply bricking your phone like a boss.

If anyone wants to get me a BMW to play with the Ultrawide band unlocking and such, let me know.

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