KPON 15W Wireless car charger/dash phone mount

I’ve had the KPON 15 Watt wireless car charger for a few months at this point, and after a rocky start have grown to really enjoy the thing.

This is one of the few car dash chargers I’ve used that will positively charge a phone wirelessly while it’s in mapping mode. Most others seem to be a slow slide to discharged. For that alone it’s cool.

There’s not a whole lot to go over feature wise – the base can either suction cup to the dash board or to the window. I’ve had it on my dash with no special preparation for several months now.

KPON 15W Wireless car charger and dash mount

The docking mechanism is kind of neat – when you turn the car on the side clamps open wide for you to put the phone in. When you put the phone into the cradle the clamps close in and apply pressure to prevent the phone from dislodging. Pretty neat, although there’s no corresponding release that I’ve found. You just have to pull it out.

I guess that’s probably how it needs to be. You don’t want your phone falling out if the charger loses power. Still feels like there should be some mechanical way to release easier.

The one complaint I have about this unit is that the ball/bolt mechanism could not get tight enough on mine requiring me to put a piece of paper in it to prevent the phone from unexpectedly facing downward. Basically the fix consisted of finding a taco bell receipt, tearing it in half, getting it wet, and wrapping the ball. Once that was done the unit was great.

You shouldn’t have to do that as a note. I believe my KPON Wireless charger had a plastic defect when I got it. That said, other than that this is probably my favorite car charger of all time. Not having to fiddle a charging wire into the phone every time I get into the car has made wireless charging a must have for me.

The KPON 15W Wireless car charger is available on Amazon for $29.98

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KPON Wireless Car Charger
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15 watt wireless car charger with dash/windshield mount and automatic clamp arms.

Product Brand: KPON

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 29.98

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:


  • Fast charging
  • Good grip
  • Will not drop your phone


  • Can tilt the phone when it grips
  • No automatic release when power cuts
  • Ball and bolt were loose on the one we reviewed

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