Google’s Generative AI search is solidly ok

Labs dropped the generative AI search yesterday and after a couple dozen searches I’ve decided it’s solidly ok… when it works. It works about 60% of the time and then is mysteriously absent. I suspect that’s them turning it off and on again to fix something, and probably not something a user is going to have to deal with much in the future.

Asking how-to do something on Android or Windows is where this excels at the moment. There’s a lot of text and not much multimedia content, and that’s great for when you just want an answer.

Google's Generative AI response

Some answers it’s been hilariously off on, but that’s par for the course with Bard and I’m not putting it down… there’s an AI Moon race going on at the moment and everything’s being pushed out before it’s polished.

Asking it for the cutest kitten in the world gets cat breeds and not pictures of cats… an obvious oversight. It’s a solid block of text which I think is going to be a big turn off, but I also suspect a very brief turnoff. We’re at the bare metal bones of the coming AI revolution and I highly suspect that this preview will be looked at as the stumbling steps of a toddler in the future, even though it is pretty neat.

If you’re interested in trying it out, it’s account associated and nothing you need to install. Head over to and sign up for it. I was on and off the waitlist in about 15 minutes yesterday, but that may have been because I was early. Who knows. Once you’re in doing a Google search in a web browser results in either the AI responding at the top followed by links, or the first line of results might say “generate AI response.”

The AI response and Google’s random stuff can push the first returned link to over a page down on the screen… more when your screen real estate is limited. Everyone’s become page two of the internet now.

Google's Generative AI response
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