Gameflip is a marketplace to safely buy and sell gaming related merch

Work your way up to being the best of the best and now you’re not interested in the game any more? Finished playing a physical copy of a game and want to safely sell it? Have DLC codes you have not used and are not interested in that you want to sell? Gameflip might be useful for you.

Sell your Robux, master swords, gift cards, and unlockables in a safe space.

Selling digital assets can make leaving a game a little easier on the mind and wallet in case you’re logging and slogging day after day thinking you’ve gotten this far…

It’s something interesting to check out. The games they cover are somewhat limited, but I guess a lot of trading has been locked down in games to prevent people from selling and quitting, or from making a profit off of being good at a game.

It’ll probably be abused by bots, but eh, it’s something to check out.

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