You know you should clean your cell phone, but did you forget the case? When your cell phone becomes your smell phone.

Cell phones are filthy… you’ve got a glass petri dish you walk around all day with and you know you should clean the phone, which usually involves taking the phone out of the case, powering it off, and then going to town with some cleanser. But that omits the case.

Dirty phone case and an example of why you should clean your phone case
Interior phone case – lot of dust and jumbles

Cases are tricky. They’re curved inward, for reasons unknown some have small pockets all over on the side, any opening for a port on the phone is going to attract dust and dirty and probably cell phone demons that need scared away.

Dirty phone case and an example of why you should clean your phone case
The phone is clean, but not the case

Here’s the part where I sell you something

Oh wait, I’m not doing that.

Take the case off the phone and set it aside. If you’ve got a compressed air option hit the ports with compressed air. Next we’re going to use our brains and decide what portions of the case actually need to be cleaned.

For my purposes I am planning on cleaning anything my hands come into contact with. This leaves out the velvet interior backing of my case which hides a magnet. You’ll notice on my case the back is ridged, and spraying it with a cleaner and attempting to wipe it off just sorts of pushes stuff into the valleys of the case.

I would suggest lining up some Dawn dishwashing soap, but if you’re like me and have to use it for this article, standard squirty hand soap works as well. I just know Dawn is generally more gentle.

Squirt a thin line of dawn down the center of the case, use your fingers to rub it everywhere until it covers every surface you need covered and is in every valley you need filled. Rinse the back of the case and the side off, you don’t have to get the interior wet unless you want to.

Keep in mind you only have to clean the exterior, and the ports. Any soap is decent, but if you’ve got a fru fru case that can’t stand handsoap beware and pick a different cell phone case cleaning article.

In my case, the water from the tap washed out grime and dust hanging out in the valleys, and my case lives to see another day.

But you knew all that, I just spelled it out.

Cleaned phone case, needs a little touch up but whatevs
After a quick rinse still a couple of speckly things that could be taken care of it I had a Q-Tip around here somewhere

Clean the phone using something that’s not handsoap and water. Then put it back in your clean case.

Total time to clean the cell phone case for me is about 30 seconds. Clean your cell phone with a spray rather than dish soap. Not entirely sure what the least expensive phone safe cleaner out there is but I’ll look into that.

Alternately don’t

The case generally does not come into contact with your face, but your hands do. So just doesn’t touch your face or shake hands with people after touching your phone and you should be fine even with the filthiest of cases.

Just know you’re carrying around poo bacteria on your phone case.

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