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Sending your cat as an Emoji now available on Pixel series, and some other less important stuff in January’s feature drop.


Google’s finally released a feature called Fotomoji which allows you to respond to a text with your cat. I’m sure you can use other things, but you’re going to use your cat.

The tool appears in Google Messages when you long press to respond with an emoji, you can choose a photo and select the item you want to send from the photo and it gets sent as a response emoji which you can use repeatedly, or remove from your responses.

Cat emoji
Took all of two seconds to create an emoji response from a cat picture

At least at the moment results are mixed. What generally shows up as a little emjoji response on Google Messages seems to show up as Chonkzilla on Samsung’s messenger taking up the space of a regular sized picture. Then again, I’m not sure how long ago that Samsung I was looking at was last updated. The text was “Paul King replied with” and then chonkzilla there taking up a third of the screen.

Magic compose adds some “step it up” options to text messaging where it can formalize or give you flowery options for a quick text.

2024 01 26 11.30.36 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Magic Compose uses on device Ai to produce various versions of your input which you can choose instead of writing “clean your freaking room” – I’m not really sure who this is aimed at or how it will be used, but it’s Ai on a phone as opposed to on a server.

There’s a new thermometer app that now guides you through placing the phone in a location that’s basically your nose to the back of the phone and then moving the thermometer to your temple. It’s registering me at 97.6f which is a normal temp for me. There’s also an object temperature option which is basically what the old thermometer app used to be and as accurate is it used to be.

Multiple tests of my body temperature resulted in a 0.1f degree change, so it’s looking like that might be working now.

There are other things on the January Pixel features update, I don’t have pixel buds, the circle to search option doesn’t come out until the 31st.

You can find the details of everything in the Pixel features drop here.

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