Is Microsoft just trying to make us hate Edge?

With every update that Microsoft makes recently they have attempted to get me to use Edge or their borky take on ChatGPT. I don’t want to. I jumped through every hoop that was required to not use Edge when Windows 10 came out, and I straight up need to be using Chrome for what I do.

Yes, I realize Edge is probably the better browser at this point, but Microsoft today once again hijacked my link processor (Chrome) and directed handling to Edge and that ticks me off more than it really should. It hijacked this in Outlook, which I pay for (primarily because it was used at my office and now we can never escape.)

Links from Outlook open in Microsoft Edge, the only browser with Copilot built-in
Access the AI-powered Copilor for the web when you open links in Microsoft Edge.
First computer I ran across, sweet photo magic

I clicked a link in email and was expecting a Chrome window to pop up and instead Edge popped up and told me it now as handling my links and I could go and turn this off if I wanted. My options were to view the page with an annoying Microsoft window floating over it with no options to close the window, click to use Edge which I was not planning on, or go and change a setting back to Chrome that was what I wanted.

Sure, it’s a little thing but I need my workflow to not be interrupted by MS spamming their buggy browser with a lying Ai now built in.

Now I get to get calls from people asking me if this is some sort of virus because the standard workflow has been changed.

It’s just annoying that with every Windows update, besides having to worry about what is broken this time, I have to deal with Edge attempting to make itself the default.

Edge now has AI built in? No it has a window on the side that can spawn with a button and you allow it access to the content in the other window. I’m not even sure if it’s looking at the page you’re looking at sometimes because I ask it about something on the Pocketables page I’m on and it tells me about stuff on that page and a couple of other pages.

Eh, maybe it’s just me but I don’t want Edge, I would not could not with a sledge, I do not want Edge opening links, I do not shall not have edge offering thinks. I do not like Microsoft Edge, so, you know, please stop changing how links are handled to direct people to Edge.

Like Internet Explorer, I’d like it just gone.

Your market cap is past a trillion dollars, you don’t need to be so thirsty for my browser choices.

Man, imagine being on the Edge team that has made a quality improvement over some of Chrome’s failing and marketing comes in and says “yeah, we’re told you’re not being used all that much so we’re just gonna force people to use it until they want to”… oof.

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