Unboxing the Kohjinsha PA series


It isn't a stylish device by any means, but the new Atom-powered Kohjinsha PA series is now available and shipping worldwide from Conics to anyone who can overlook aesthetics in favor of versatility and function. Yes, the bezel surrounding the unit's 4.8-inch touchscreen is too thick and cluttered with buttons/controls, but its convertible form factor, 32GB SSD, optical mouse, and standard ports make it an interesting alternative to the UMID mbook M1 and a compelling choice for a Windows XP-based MID/UMPC.

But before I can get into any device comparisons, general impressions, and other usage notes, I need to get the PA series out of the box first.


Kohji_pa_unbox (1) 

Kohji_pa_unbox (2) 

Kohji_pa_unbox (3) 

Nothing exciting to see here.


Kohji_pa_unbox (4) 

Inside the box are an AC adapter and power cord, hand strap, VGA output cable, carrying pouch with Velcro enclosure, li-on battery (7.4V, 2600mAh), and various paperwork and manuals in Japanese.


Kohji_pa_unbox_case (2)

Quick Look


Kohji_pa_qcklk (2)

Kohji_pa_qcklk (3)

Kohji_pa_qcklk (4)

Kohji_pa_qcklk (5)

Kohji_pa_qcklk (6)

Kohji_pa_qcklk (7)

Kohji_pa_qcklk (8)

Kohji_pa_qcklk (9)

Kohji_pa_qcklk (10)

Update #1: Kohjinsha PA series size comparisons

Update #2: Kohjinsha PA series mini review

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15 thoughts on “Unboxing the Kohjinsha PA series

  • the picture of the screen half-turned makes it look like a face, thanks to the shiny strip below the screen.

    hell, the first thought when seeing the closed lid image was “hey, that looks like a transformers toy!”…

    damn it, sell it for half the price, conics, and i would grab it as soon as i can afford it!

  • Avatar of Jason

    It’s like a fat toshiba. I don’t like the design.

  • Avatar of Zang

    Seriously, I’m one of the least fashion conscious people on earth and even I think it’s hideous.

  • Avatar of AguTakTak

    Looks like a cross between a electronic dictionary and a ZX Spectrum up close.

  • Just to show how “Dasai” I must be, I actually like it. It is just much more practical than the U-mid with a standard USB port and optical track pad in the front. Turns to become a tablet. Optical track pad and buttons on the bezel are just very handy in real world use. I wish they had put a useful amount of RAM as 512MB on SP3 XP is just not enough. Hopefully Jen or someone will try XP Embedded on it to see how it performs with the muted RAM.

  • I agree with Larry. The 512M of RAM on paper looks like a show-stopper, but I’ll be curious to read more about performance.

  • Avatar of Knusperkeks

    Wow, the device looks very cool^^
    But it’s dissapointing to see that it only has 512mb ram :(

  • Avatar of MiKeN

    And people said the Wibrain was hit with the ugly stick…

  • Avatar of mianarsh

    give me a reason — why one should prefer it over viliv s7?

  • Avatar of tmarks11

    How about a picture with it stacked on tp/besides whatever other UMPC/MIDs you have?

    On first glimpse, the battery/hinge makes this thing look like it is enormouse compared to other 4.8″ MIDs.

    Not impressed; as much as I would like to buy another semi-pockaetable device to replace my Everun, I don’t think this is the device.

  • It’s too expensive for the features it has. And why the 512 mb is the max. amount of memory it can handle (according to the conics web site)? If it had at least 2gb of memory and an 8.9 screen, I’ll buy it right now. For the moment; stick with your netbooks.

  • I know it’s size is the point but that same form factor just a little bit bigger would be better.

  • Avatar of ymlccc

    nice pictures, thanks for sharing. Does the hinge getting the way when you use it?!


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