Rumored Asus Eee Pad to join the Tegra 2 party?

Tegra_3d_large With all the recent buzz surrounding the upcoming Tegra 2 chipset, set to be unveiled at CES next month along with a host of new gadgets, it comes as little surprise that the latest device being mentioned in the same company as nVidia's latest is the rumored Asus Eee Pad tablet MID. If true, this would come as a slight departure for Asus, who has generally stuck with Intel hardware for its Eee PC line. The exact variant of Tegra is unknown but based on the projected release date, we can assume it is the mark 2 version. It would also beg the question regarding the Eee Pad's choice of operating system, as the use of Tegra would rule out all versions of Windows with the exception of Windows CE, which is an extremely unlikely choice.

It's intriguing to contemplate the possibilities the powerful Tegra 2 chipset would bring to the Eee Pad if it materializes and whether Asus would go with a Linux distribution, Android, or perhaps Google's upcoming Chrome OS at a later date. Joining the Tegra 2 party may also put it in a competitive field of similar devices such as the ICD Ultra tablet. Guess we'll just have to wait and see how events unfold over the next few weeks!

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